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Hello there! I’m Johno Whitaker - welcome to my personal website :)

About Me

I’m a Data Scientist/AI Researcher doing R&D with I like teaching and making courses. My current focus is on generative AI, flitting between several modalities.

This website is a central repository for everything I’m working on. You can find my blog posts, videos, TILs and just about everything else in the ‘Everything’ feed. If you’re looking for even more info, you may also want:

Some Recent Posts

Date Categories Title
5/8/24 Blog More=Better?
4/27/24 mini-hw-projects Basement Hydroponics: Part 1
4/19/24 TILs TIL: Intercepting Github Copilot with MITMProxy
3/30/24 mini-hw-projects DIY Bio: A Cool Hobby, Not Quite For Me
3/14/24 mini-projects Mini Experiment: Broken Multimodal Telephone
2/20/24 mini-projects Can LLMs estimate the length of a sequence?
2/2/24 mini-hw-projects Exploring 3D-Printed Instruments
1/27/24 mini-hw-projects Door Desk
1/23/24 Blog A few tips for working on high-surface-area problems
1/1/24 TILs TIL: GPT4-V Doesn’t Support Function Calling, but We Can Hack Around That
12/6/23 blogs Quick Experiment: Filtering Preference Data for Better DPO
11/29/23 Video Paperathon #1
11/26/23 Video ZipLoRA: Any Subject in Any Style (deep dive and paper explanation)
11/20/23 mini-hw-projects Mini Work Timer
11/16/23 Video MLOps Community Mini Summit #3 Talk: What The Kaggle LLM Science Exam Competition Can Teach Us About LLMs
11/7/23 TILs Getting My YouTube Videos as MarkDown pages for this Quarto blog
10/23/23 Video Evaluating Diffusion Models with PickScore
10/18/23 Video How I ‘monetized’ an AI demo
9/13/23 mini-hw-projects Text-to-3D-Print
9/13/23 mini-projects Mini Experiment: DoLa w/ a guidance scale
9/6/23 mini-projects Mini Experiment: Hiding Easter-Eggs in LLMs
9/5/23 Video Gaussian Splatting explorations
9/1/23 Video LLM basics #4 with the LLM Science Exam Kaggle Competition - Retrieval
9/1/23 Video What is Speculative Sampling
8/11/23 TILs Exporting from Wordpress into a Quarto Blog
8/10/23 Video LLM basics #3 with the LLM Science Exam Kaggle Competition - Training a task-specific model for MCQs
8/9/23 Video LLM basics #2 with the LLM Science Exam Kaggle Competition - Generating Synthetic Data
8/7/23 Video LLM basics #1 with the LLM Science Exam Kaggle Competition - Zero-Shot approaches
8/4/23 blogs Exploring Softmax1, or “Community Research For The Win!”
7/30/23 mini-projects Bark To Bark: Adding Noise Control to a Game
7/1/23 blogs Why and how I’m shifting focus to LLMs
4/6/23 blogs A Recipe for Training Good Generative Models
4/4/23 mini-projects Reward Hacking with RainbowDiffusion
3/2/23 mini-projects, Reports Style Loss Showdown
2/15/23 Video Stylizing Video with Diffusion Models
2/13/23 Reports A Deep Dive Into OpenCLIP from OpenAI
2/3/23 Video InstructPix2Pix Explained - Edit Images with Words!
1/30/23 Video Stable Diffusion Deep Dive Notebook Run-through
1/15/23 mini-projects Genuary 2023
1/10/23 Video Podcast E6 - Wasim Lorgat
1/10/23 Reports Mid-U Guidance: Fast Classifier Guidance for Latent Diffusion Models
12/30/22 blogs DistilHN: Summarizing News Articles with Transformers
12/30/22 Video Building DistilHN - Using ML to Summarize News Articles
12/23/22 Video HuggingFace Class
12/22/22 Video HuggingFace Diffusion Model Class
11/22/22 Video Editing Images with Diffusion Models (lit review _ overview of different approaches)
11/13/22 Video TGL Discussion Series - Hamel Husain
11/10/22 Video TGL Discussions Series - @EnzymeZoo
11/10/22 Video TGL Discussions Series - Apolinario Passos
11/10/22 Video TGL Discussion Series - Teodora Szasz
11/10/22 Video TGL Discussion Series - Jason Antic
10/25/22 blogs How Predictable: Evaluating Song Lyrics with Language Models
10/11/22 Video Progressive Distillation for Fast Sampling of Diffusion Models (paper sumary)
8/1/22 Video Summarising Neuromatch Deep Learning Course in 20 minutes
7/19/22 Reports Mapping Econimic Wellbeing from Space
6/24/22 Video Paper exploration - Making Diffusion Models go BRRR!
6/13/22 Video AIAIART #9 - Evolutionary Algorithms and CPPNs
6/2/22 Reports WhistleGen V2: Making Music With Transformers
5/27/22 blogs Update Time
5/22/22 Reports Fun With Neural Cellular Automata
5/16/22 Video AIAIART #8 - Neural Cellular Automata
5/9/22 Reports CLOOB Conditioned Latent Denoising Diffusion Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)
5/8/22 Video AIAIART Lesson 7.5
5/3/22 Video AIAIART Lesson #7 - Diffusion Models
4/17/22 Video AIAIART Lesson 6
4/12/22 blogs Fine-tuning a CLOOB-Conditioned Latent Diffusion Model on WikiArt
4/11/22 Video AIAIART Lesson #5
4/5/22 Video HugGAN sprint - demo project
3/29/22 blogs Sketchy Unet
2/18/22 blogs Turtle Recall: A Contrastive Learning Approach
2/15/22 Video Come along for the ride as I dive into an ML contest (MABe 2 on AICROWD)
1/19/22 Video AI Art Showreel (Jan 2022)
11/24/21 blogs AIAIART Course Retrospective
11/9/21 blogs Playing with Tweet Sentiment Analysis
10/18/21 Video AIAIART Lesson #4 (Live session recording)
10/16/21 Video AIAIART Lesson #3
9/28/21 Video AIAIART Lesson 2
9/20/21 Video AIAIART Lesson 1
8/10/21 Video ‘Mars Affair’
7/21/21 Video Getting to Grips with AI ART
5/20/21 Video Competition Attempts - ADDi Alzheimers Detection Challenge
5/13/21 blogs WhistleGen: Generating Traditional Irish music with ML
5/13/21 blogs In Brief: Playing with Class Imbalance
4/22/21 blogs BirdClef Entry: Bird Call Classification with FastAI
4/22/21 Video Competition Attempts - MABE Challenge first thoughts
4/22/21 Video Competition attempts - BirdClef 2021 Initial Approach
3/29/21 Video Meet DotSwarm - A Slime-Mould-Inspired Shader
3/25/21 Video Days of Code - Intro and Recap of the first few weeks
3/25/21 Video Days of Code 2 - WhistleGen - generating Irish music with machine learning
10/30/20 blogs Language Models for Protein Sequence Classification
9/16/20 blogs Data Glimpse: Predicted Historical Air Quality for African Cities
8/12/20 blogs Personal Metrics
6/16/20 blogs Update: Why the pause?
2/22/20 blogs Self-Supervised Learning with Image网
2/5/20 blogs Meta ‘Data Glimpse’ - Google Dataset Search
1/24/20 blogs Swoggle Part 2 - Building a Policy Network with PyTorch, dealing with Cheaty Agents and ‘Beating’ the Game
1/20/20 blogs Swoggle Part 1- RL Environments and Literate Programming with NBDev
1/16/20 blogs Behind the scenes of a Zindi Contest
11/29/19 blogs Snapshot Serengeti - Working with Large Image Datasets
11/12/19 blogs Deep Learning + Remote Sensing - Using NNs to turn imagery into meaningful features
10/29/19 blogs Zindi UberCT Part 3: Uber Movement
10/21/19 blogs Zindi UberCT Part 2: Stepping Up
10/19/19 blogs Zindi UberCT Part 1: Getting started
9/12/19 blogs Packaging a classification model as a web app
9/6/19 blogs Pothole Detection (aka Johno tries fastai)
8/27/19 blogs Trying Automated ML
8/7/19 blogs Mapping Change in Cropland in Zimbabwe (Part 2)
7/14/19 blogs Mapping Change in Cropland in Zimbabwe (Part 1)
7/13/19 blogs Data Glimpse: Cropland and Settlement maps from QED.AI
7/8/19 blogs Data Glimpse: Nighttime Lights
7/7/19 blogs Data Glimpse: South Africa’s Hydrological Data
6/28/19 blogs Data Glimpse: Visualizing Economic Activity with the G-Econ Project data
6/27/19 blogs Tutorial: Improving Crop Type Predictions
6/26/19 blogs Tutorial: Predicting Crop Types with GEE
6/19/19 blogs New Database: Forest Change in Different Regions
6/11/19 blogs Zindi Competition 2 - Trying CatBoost on the Traffic Jam Challenge
6/11/19 blogs Zindi Competition 1 - Making Art!
6/7/19 blogs Looking at traffic/congestion vs air quality AKA a quest for data
5/17/19 blogs ML and IR Tomography
3/12/19 blogs Mapping Baobabs, Part 3 - Model Applicability
3/7/19 blogs Mapping Baobabs, Part 2 - Qualifying Model Performance and More Complex Models
2/15/19 blogs Mapping Baobabs, Part 1 - Modelling the Density of Baobab Trees in Zimbabwe with a Linear Model in GEE
1/22/19 blogs Curious correlations
1/22/19 blogs Christmas games - simulation and lazy stats
1/11/19 blogs init(self): What is this blog
11/16/18 mini-hw-projects CIRTS - Configurable Infra-Red Tomography systems
7/1/18 mini-hw-projects Owning a 3D printer
7/24/16 mini-hw-projects Studying automation with an octopus overlord!
6/4/16 mini-hw-projects Mini PCB printer
4/9/16 mini-hw-projects Scanning EIT Imaging System (SEITIS) Attempt
1/28/16 mini-hw-projects Pimp my dormroom
6/29/15 mini-hw-projects Cell Phone Oscilloscope
7/3/14 mini-hw-projects Micromouse attempt
6/17/14 mini-hw-projects Kwese - musical instrument
3/20/14 mini-hw-projects Electronic Bagpipes
3/20/14 mini-hw-projects Mini Laser Cutter
1/1/14 mini-hw-projects Multitouch Surface
12/1/13 mini-hw-projects DIY Cellphone Macro Lens
10/2/13 mini-hw-projects Laptop in a briefcase
9/2/13 mini-hw-projects Junk VDG
8/3/13 mini-hw-projects Easy 3D Scanner
7/4/13 mini-hw-projects IR Webcam
1/1/10 mini-projects Title
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