Laptop in a briefcase

After I managed to get my hands on an old laptop, I wanted to try my hand at making it into a “picture-frame” display, as seen all over the web. However, with the power of a (n admittadly derelict) laptop at your disposal it seems a bit of a waste if all you want is a slide-show. In addition, my mother didn’t look too happy with the idea of me liberating a frame from one of her pictures.

October 2, 2013

Laptop in a briefcase

I wiped the flash stick containing the live boot enviroment I had set up, and I don’t feel like going through the whole process just yet, so I am postponing the finishing off of this project untill I have more free time. Here are some pics that outline the build process. I am using polystyrene blocks as spacers to ensure a snug fit and a “universal laptop charger” that I bought in a flea market as the power supply.

Dad inspecting my handiwork…

A snug fit

Early testing (notice the external laptop charger and the wires…)

This has the potential to become a nice feature in our kitchen, possibly controlled using an old IR remote and an ATTiny85 with a reciever inside the box, but for now I must let it lie.