Exporting from Wordpress into a Quarto Blog


August 11, 2023

I have been blogging for years on a free Wordpress account, but figured I should finally migrate to a custom setup. I’m using Quarto, and in this TIL I document how to export your blogs from Wordpress to Quarto. The whole process took about 20 minutes, thanks to a note I left for myself last time I tried the process :) The steps are:

To actually have them show up in the blog you need to edit a couple of other files. Here’s what blog.qmd looks like:

title: "DataScienceCastnet"
  contents: dsc
  sort: "date desc"
  type: default
  categories: False

And then in the main _quarto.yml we add it like so:

  title: "johnowhitaker.dev"
      - href: index.qmd
        text: Home
      - href: blog.qmd
        text: Data Science Castnet Blog

That’s it - hooray for the TIL format that means this counts as a post :)